I've been a passionate hairstylist and makeup artist in the Edmonton area since 1998.

I started my own freelance business in 2001, and have been working independently ever since. Having my own studio has allowed me the flexibility to contribute my skills in a variety of arenas beyond in-studio cuts and colors, including working on location alongside photographers and videographers for commercial advertising, fashion shoots, weddings, television and more. 

I have a passion for not only the hair and makeup industry but the relationships I've made along the way. I love how I have been able to utilize my skills to change how people feel about the way they look,  and in turn themselves!

I believe that the services I offer and the great relationships I build with my clientele are inclusive; one cannot exist without the other. 

My goal has always been to help people shine from the inside out. Inner beauty, with the right touch, can be reflected beautifully in our outside appearance!